What you perceive may be invisible to others

2 min readMay 17, 2023

In the last scene of the movie Don 2, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) rides an amazing bike that immediately caught my attention. The first thing that struck me was the rumbling sound, which seemed to reverberate inside my ears like a melody. As the scene progressed, I took notice of the thick tires and the striking tail light. In the subsequent shot, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful headlight and the chunky black, masculine tank of the bike. The next shot is the side profile of the bike from a long shot. Throughout this captivating sequence, my main focus was to find the name of this amazing bike. Then, in a close-up shot, a name flashed before my eyes — “Ducati Monster.” This name became deeply engraved in my mind.

Until recently, I firmly believed that I had captured every single detail of that scene. However, a recent incident opened my eyes. During a discussion about bikes, I mentioned the Ducati Monster, expecting others to be familiar with it. To my surprise, nobody seemed to recognize the bike or recall its appearance in the movie Don 2. They simply saw it as a random bike without any significant significance.

Interestingly, one person in the group paid attention to a different detail — the glasses worn by Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) in the scene. This person can explain its shape and color etc. He said that he had only noticed the dual tone of that glass. Blue on the top and green color on the bottom. On the other hand, another person noticed and appreciated the beauty of the location where the scene took place. She said I want to go to that place. She said about the blue color of the sea, that bridge, and mountains in the background, etc.

Then we immediately search this scene on youtube and watched it together. This time everyone heard that rumbling noise, that black bike,dualtone glasses that beautiful place, etc. Now my memory become even more beautiful and complete than before.

This revelation made me realize that even if we see, heard, or experienced the same thing our perception may vary. Our brain is selective about certain things. What you know may not be a complete picture. Also the importance of team. If we are in a team there will be different perspectives. Club them together will give us a better picture

Below, you will find the attached YouTube link to that video. Kindly share your observations and insights, apart from what has already been discussed, so that we can further enhance our memory of the scene.