Mindset is everything

Most of the time, we humans perceive things based on our prejudice. One of my cousins got her haircut done by a barber who visits their home. He visits every home in the area and does haircuts for people who need it. The next day, one of my aunts visited her. My uncle, cousin’s father, told my aunt that the haircut was done at the most renowned hair stylist Ambika Pillai’s salon. He asked her opinion about the hairstyle. My aunt replied that the hairstyle is so awesome and it looks really good. My uncle bursted into laughter and he told her that it was done by the man who lives nearby. My aunt’s next response was interesting. She said “that’s why the hair is looking uneven.”

We see things based on our prejudices. The simplest example is how we perceive quality based on the price of a product/service. We cannot remove these prejudices built into our mindset but we can definitely be more open to our natural instincts and beliefs.



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