Somewhere in the world, there was a man. His main hobby was chewing betel leaves. He always likes to chew it. Once, during a journey, he found a special kind of betel leaf. He purchased all of them from the seller. After he returns home, he decides to chew the special leaves he bought during the journey. When he inspected the betel leaves he found that one of the leaves turned yellow. So he decided to chew that yellow leaf today, tomorrow onward I can enjoy the better green leaf. That day he chewed the yellow leaf. The next day when he inspected the leaves this time also one leaf turned to yellow. That day he also decided to chew the yellow leaf. This continued for a few days. On the last day, he regretted it.

This is how we all live. We are expecting happiness in the future and forget to live in the current moment. But life is not in our past or future. Learn from the past and hope for a better tomorrow and live now.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have — eckhart tolle

Coding, Reading,Python

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