Indian Politics and Engineering Degree


Disclaimer: This is only for fun purposes. Please do not take it seriously

If we analyze Indian politics we can see that it majorly resembles the Engineering Colleges in India.

In every Engineering College, there is a student who has no interest in engineering, but everyone in their family is an engineer. Therefore, he/she is forced to be an engineer. Whatever he is learning or doing has nothing to do with understanding. We can relate this to Rahul Gandhi who has no interest in politics but is there because of his family history. The Bharat Jodo campaign has no USP and is done for the namesake.

We always have a popular student who is good at speaking and convincing people like Modiji. They do not require any technical knowledge to move forward in life. Whereas there are students who are technically sound and know what they have learned. But most of the time, they won’t be allowed to sit in interviews due to cut-off marks or percentages. Shashi Tharoor is like that. Even if he is capable to lead the Congress party lack of Gandhi’s surname made him weak.

Certain subjects taught in college are outdated and have no significance whatsoever in the real world. Communism is like that. It is not needed anymore.

There are students who have tutors for all the subjects. Even if they are not good at understanding, they can do what the teachers say. Pinarayi Vijayan is similar to this as he has advisors for each and everything.

There are teachers who scold us if we ask questions other than the syllabus. Pinarayi Vijayan can be again compared to this as he speaks only what his advisors have written for him. Anything beyond the scope of that, he will scold the media.

These suddenly came to my mind while I was traveling. So posting it right away. Please comment on your ideas also.

Disclaimer: This is only for fun purposes. Please do not take it seriously



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