Ignited Minds

Ignited minds was written by our best president ever, missile man of India Sri APJ Abdul Kalam. The main idea of this book is to motivate the younger generation.

In this book, APJ Abdul Kalam shares his ideas to young minds, who are capable of transforming India to a better nation. He teaches us to dream big. He says “Dream, dream, dream, dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action”. Young minds are capable of thinking beyond limits, they are the core strength of India.

He emphasises the role of education in transforming a human to a better person. Also our education system must incorporate spirituality along with education.Spirituality is different from religion. Spirituality is the knowledge that one must criticise himself and broaden his mindset so that he can accept and respect others’ opinions and ideologies. Without spirituality, knowledge is a ship without a compass. Spirituality gives direction for the human being. The role of teachers and parents are really important. He says only teachers and parents are capable of transforming society.

Our young generation must have great vision, they must get inspired from great visionaries like JRD Tata, Vikram Sarabai, Sathish Dhawan, Varghese Kurien, etc. Our strength in Space research and milk production industries are the result of greater visions from these people.

Our nation has greater ancient knowledge and culture that must be preserved. For that we must incorporate rural areas to the mainstream. We need smart villages and not smart cities any more.

Five major areas we should focus on are:

Kalam encourages youth to dream big and transform India to a better nation



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