God’s own country

2 min readDec 24, 2021

Once there was a beautiful land where people lived in harmony. Everyone called this paradise as God’s own country. Everything was going perfect when a virus infiltrated this place. This dangerous virus was “communalism”. It affected everyone’s mind.

The virus had different variations like saffron, green, red etc. Once the virus affects you, your entire perception about things changes. People started believing that the people of the same variant are their friends and all others are their enemies. They all wanted the place to be home for a single variant of the virus rather than co existing. They are willing to kill each other and destroy each other to claim dominance. And it continued.

God had enough of this and wanted this place to be the paradise it was once before. A flood came washing away all this virus and people became united again. They didn’t kill each other, instead they supported each other to overcome the new enemy. Things started going back to normal, but the virus wasn’t destroyed completely. Virus always mutates and returns. It still affects the minds of people and makes them forget the value of someone else’s life and lives of people depending on them. How many floods or disasters will it take for the people to realise that everyone is human, everyone's tears are the same and we all bleed red. Let’s see if the virus is going to die or going to kill us all.