What Arjuna taught me

2 min readOct 18, 2021

Arjuna is considered as one of the greatest warriors in Mahabharata. Last day, I was reading a story and it inspired me a lot. It also gave justification of why Arjuna is considered great.

In ancient days, the education system was the Gurukul system. The students will go from their home and stay with their guru, ie., teacher. The Pandavas and Kauravas were getting trained under Dronacharya. Aswathama, Dhronacharya’s son was also trained along with them. As a father, he wanted to teach more lessons to his son. He found a way. Everyday, Dhronacharya asked his shishyas to bring water from the nearby river. The pot given to Aswathama had a bigger mouth than the others. Ashwathama returned early everyday and his father gave him more lessons. This continued for a few days.

But one day Arjuna came before Aswathama. Dhronacharya was astonished. He was curious to know how Arjuna managed to come before his son. He asked Arjuna how he filled the pot?

He replied to his guru that you taught us Varunastra to produce water. I used the same to fill the pot. Dhonacharya was so pleased with Arjuna and started giving him extra lessons. Eventually, he became his favorite student.

The lesson here is that learning is good enough. But the application of the knowledge makes you great.