Python has been one of the most popular programming languages for the last few years. Python’s simple syntax and large open-source support makes it very popular. Python is almost everywhere including web development, data science, AI, microprocessor. Here are some interesting facts about Python.

1. Python is on Mars

Python is used in the Mars rover made by NASA. Python packages are used to record, process the images, and videos.

2. Python is older than Java

First version of Python was first released on Feb 20, 1991 and the first version of Java was on Jan 23, 1996. …

We all smile, but I was not aware of its effect on others. There is a small girl in my neighborhood. Last day she was very happy and excited and when her mother asked her the reason, she said: “aa Afsal ikkaka adhyamayi enne nokki chirichu”(Malayalam), which means for the first time I gave a smile to her. I usually do not notice anything around while walking. I just go like a rocket. But that day my shoelace got untied, so I took a pause. During that time she passed that way and I smiled at her. …

I recently went through my code when our client asked for an update but when I saw the code I had written 2 years ago I was shocked. I decided to improve coding quality and read the book ‘Clean Code’ by Robert C. Martin, well known as Uncle Bob. These are some of the takeaways I got from the book.

1 Boy Scout Rule:

The Boy Scouts have a rule: “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it”. This can apply to our code base also. Try to improve the quality of code a little bit over time. …

January got its name from the roman god Janus.Janus is the god of beginning and ending. Janus has two heads so that he can see both forward and backward without turning his head. January is the best suited name for first month of a year, as a new year is both a beginning and an ending. Also this is an opportunity to learn from past and hope for the future.

May this New Year be great opportunity to learn and grow also and ending to all the negativity in your life.

Happy new year

The human brain can be compared to a pressure cooker. It works to maximum potential when the pressure is optimal. A pressure cooker pushes the limit of the boiling point of water from 100 Celsius to a higher value. Likewise, pressure pushes the capability of the brain. An example that everyone can relate to is learning one day before the exam so that we can quickly grasp the topics for the entire year within a few hours.

The pressure cooker has mechanisms to reduce the pressure if it goes beyond a value. If it is blocked, then the cooker will explode. Likewise, we need to find a mechanism to release pressure like listening to music, reading, walking, etc.

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He’s working on you, too. — Rick Warren

Somewhere in the world, there was a man. His main hobby was chewing betel leaves. He always likes to chew it. Once, during a journey, he found a special kind of betel leaf. He purchased all of them from the seller. After he returns home, he decides to chew the special leaves he bought during the journey. When he inspected the betel leaves he found that one of the leaves turned yellow. So he decided to chew that yellow leaf today, tomorrow onward I can enjoy the better green leaf. That day he chewed the yellow leaf. The next day…

source: github blog

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to the terminal. This is great news for all who like to use the terminal. GitHub CLI offers the following benefits without having you to leave the command line

  • Easy creation of repositories.
  • Easy creation of Pull requests.
  • Easy approval of Pull requests.
  • Easy checking of issues raised.

Let’s discuss some of the main commands.

Installation for Mac and Windows:

Installation for linux:

gh auth login: gh command for login.This will prompt for mode of login. I choose using a personal access token. The token can be generated by login to …

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind was written by Dr Joseph Murphy in 1963. In this book, the author teaches us that the most valuable gift we have is our subconscious mind. We have two types of minds, they are:

Conscious mind:

The conscious mind is responsible for the activities like planning, decision making and voluntary actions. It is active only when we are awake.

Subconscious mind:

But the subconscious mind is active even when we are sleeping. It is responsible for almost all activities. It controls all the involuntary actions like breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc.

The subconscious mind…

The book Think like Da Vinci was written by Michael L Gelb. He was a great fan of two people. One was superman, and the other was Da Vinci. While he grew up, he realises that superman is not real. Then he started to collect more details about Da Vinci from various resources. He found seven things that made Da Vinci a genius

Da Vinci was an Italian polymath. He is considered as the most curious person who lived on earth. He is known for his paintings Monalisa, Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, etc. He observed and recorded various things like…

Python 3.9rc1 was released on September 14, 2020. This release has some good new features, improvements, etc. In this blog, we are going to discuss 7 of the new features

1. Dictionary merge and update operator:

merge (|): This operator is used for merging two dictionaries and returning a new dictionary as an output. If any key is duplicated then the value of the RHS is updated in the final dictionary.

Sample code:

a = {“a”: “a1”, “b”: “b1”}b = {“c”: “c2”, “d”: “d2”}c = a | bprint(f’{a=}’)print(f’{b=}’)print(f’{c=}’)


a={‘a’: ‘a1’, ‘b’: ‘b1’}b={‘c’: ‘c2’, ‘d’: ‘d2’}c={‘a’: ‘a1’, ‘b’: ‘b1’…


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