Arjuna is considered as one of the greatest warriors in Mahabharata. Last day, I was reading a story and it inspired me a lot. It also gave justification of why Arjuna is considered great.

In ancient days, the education system was the Gurukul system. The students will go from their…

Most of the time, we humans perceive things based on our prejudice. One of my cousins got her haircut done by a barber who visits their home. He visits every home in the area and does haircuts for people who need it. The next day, one of my aunts visited…

Recently, my family and I went to Cherai Beach. The trip was fun and it taught me a big lesson. Before jumping into the water, we kept our belongings near a stone. The stone was our landmark. Then we enjoyed ourselves in the water for a long time. When we…

This is part 3 of the series. If you are new, please click on and to check out the previous parts of the series.

Today we are going to discuss a very simple mistake that can cause big trouble. …

This is part 2 of the series. If you are new, you can check part 1 .

Today we are going to discuss “. In Python, sometimes we use is and == operators interchangeably. It will work at times, but not always. Let me explain this with an example.


Have you ever thought about AI ruling over humans, machines giving us commands? Well, I have!

My answer to this question is a NO.It will not be possible in the near future. Machines can learn but not understand. They can learn our emotions but still not feel it. We have terms like machine learning, deep learning and not machine understanding or deep understanding right. That is the reason we rule this world.

Can we completely eliminate the chances of human-like robots? As we have seen in movies, is there a chance for a robot to catch feelings, understand human emotions? Maybe in any other galaxy there are many more advanced humans and they developed human-like robots. Who knows. Great possibilities lie beyond the impossible.

A machine can write a poem

But only a human can enjoy it

As a developer, we all make mistakes while coding. Some of the mistakes are very silly and it takes a lot of effort while debugging. We are planning a series of blogs related to the common mistakes that I have made and explain why we should avoid them while coding…

The story of starts with the failure of a project called . ABC was a general-purpose programming language developed by Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). Guido van Rossum was a developer for that project. After the failure of the project CWI, they started working on , a distributed operating system…

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The more you try I won’t come
More you resist then I will
Don’t search for me if you lose me
Forget about me and I will find you

In a village there was a man. He was living by selling eggs. Recently he bought a beautiful duck. It laid golden eggs. He was astonished and didn’t know what to do. He decided to check the next day. The next day, the duck laid another golden egg. As a…


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